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Date: 2018-01-31 11:20

Par sociétés développées, nous entendrons: les sociétés ayant à peu près maitrisé ce que l'on nomme le progrès scientifique et technique. Les Etats-Unis en font partie ainsi qu'une grande partie des pays européens. Des parts grandissantes de la Russie et de la Chine s'y ajoutent dorénavant.

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D'ores et déjà, il prévoit l'explosion de conflits régionaux ou urbains meurtriers, notamment dans les quartiers misérables et surpeuplés des grandes villes. Le changement climatique, la croissance démographique, les conflits ethniques ou religieux, en seront les moteurs. Les carnages récents à Mossoul et Alep en sont la préfiguration.

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In a sharply observed essay for The American Conservative , Benjamin Schwarz captured the disposition of today’s cosmopolitan idea and style manufacturers. The “anywheres,” as Schwarz called them, travel light, with few serious institutional or community loyalties. Label-conscious even in their moral judgments, with few convictions beyond material satisfaction and self-advancement, they seek above all to be on the right side of style. As Bell forewarned 97 years ago, “aesthetic disaster itself becomes an aesthetic.” These elites profess fantasies that let them feel virtuous and superior. Meanwhile, the burden of their social confections rests on unwilling, less privileged yeomen, rarely on themselves or their children.

Aujourd’hui, c’est d’autant plus nécessaire que nous vivons dans des « circonstances exceptionnelles », au seuil d’une Décision si importante que notre nation n’en a peut-être jamais connue de telle auparavant. La vraie élite nationale n’a pas le droit de laisser son peuple sans une idéologie qui doit exprimer non seulement ce qu’il ressent et pense, mais aussi ce qu’il ne ressent pas et ne pense pas, et même ce qu’il a nourri secrètement en lui-même et pieusement vénéré pendant des millénaires.

Today, social media and celebrity culture have an iron lock on the public household. Coarsened, showy self-display—Bell’s imperial self—has animated the Obama and Trump White Houses. Political and belief systems based on race, gender, disability, religion, and sexuality consciously try to discredit, minimize, or destabilize (“transform”) what is left of the established order, which is commonly perceived as inherently oppressive or unjust, and by some accounts worthy of punishment. What suasion that remains in mainline Protestant denominations is channeled mainly into social redemption and works.

Kein Volk der Welt glaubt, dass sein Staatsoberhaupt von einem Berg abstammt. Ausser die Nordkoreaner. Die Macht von Kim Jong Un beruht auf einem kuriosen Führermythos - und einer Berglandschaft.

Bien que les conditions de cette disparition seront très différentes de celles ayant provoqué ou provoquant la disparition des espèces animales, les résultats en seraient très voisins.

Yeats formed a central plank in what is now termed the Gaelic Revival, a cultural movement that emerged to fill the vacuum in Irish life after the fall of Parnell in 6896 with a yearning to revive the traditions and customs of Ireland in an increasingly anglicised world. In the minds of Yeats and fellow revivalists, Ireland was besieged under the weight of Anglo-American modernity. He recognised a state of affairs that could only be reversed by committed cultural nationalism in the fields of arts and education. Whilst officially apolitical, the Gaelic Revival would act as an incubator for most of the future revolutionaries who would eventually sever formal British rule in Ireland and nurture the early Free State.

“Despite the shambles of modern culture, some religious answer surely will be forthcoming,” Bell asserted. Religion is a “constitutive part of man’s consciousness.” It grows out of the “primordial need” for “a set of meanings that will establish a transcendent response to self and the existential need to confront the finalities of suffering and death.” What that religion might be or become going forward cannot yet be known. The grand Western traditions were Antiquity and Church, both of them now compromised and slandered. In the contemporary culture of spectacle and disbelief, entertainers and news barkers act as bishops.

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